I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is the proud owner of a motorbike. During the conversation, he announced that he was actually talking to me whilst riding his bike.

My initial reaction was actually to assume that he was joking. That would not have been out of character, by any means. He’s also well aware that I’m not the most technically minded person, so such things do rather tend to pass me by.

As a result of that conversation, I decided to take a closer look at the ways in which motorbike owners communicate. It’s clear that my friend isn’t the only person who likes to talk from the back of his bike.

As a car driver, it’s fair to say that I was unaware of many of the difficulties that face bikers who are wishing to hold a conversation. The largest such problem seemed to come down to one key factor: noise.

There are a number of issues that all add up to a bike being a pretty loud place to be. These include the engine noise, caused by the fact that the rider is seated so close to the engine.

The exposed position of the rider also means that he or she is more open to noise created by road and whether conditions. Even holding a conversation with a passenger is extremely difficult.

These difficulties are added to by the fact that the rider is likely to have their back turned to any passengers. Motorcycle helmets are another element hindering the ability to communicate.

So how was my friend able to have a conversation with me, The answer was that he has a bluetooth headset fitted to his motorcycle helmet.

This headset allows him to speak to a passenger, or nearby biker. It also allows him to speak to people like me, hundreds of miles away.

It seems that bluetooth technology has helped to make things easier for bike owners and their friends!


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