Riding a motorbike is fun, but much more dangerous than driving a car. On a motorbike there is no protection between you and the road, or another vehicle should an accident occur. Neither is there any heating or cooling to keep your body temperature stable. Protection must be provided by the proper clothing, so the three must-have Suzuki motorcycle accessories for safety and warmth are helmet, gloves and boots.

1. Helmet: Wearing a helmet that protects the head and face from injury is law in most countries when riding a motorcycle. Every head is a different size and shape so trying on a helmet before purchasing one is necessary. Make sure it is comfortable and fits properly when the chin strap is done up. A snug fit will keep the wind out too. Remember that helmets not only protection from accidents, but from wind, rain, hail, dust and insects. Cars have windscreens; motorcycle riders only have their skin for protection and what they decide to put on their skin.

2. When riding a motorcycle the hands do a lot of the work of steering, braking, accelerating and changing gears. They are also in an exposed position that makes it likely they will become cramped and cold from the wind chill factor. Cold hands do not work well, so keep them warm with gloves, an essential Suzuki motorcycle accessory. Gloves can be fur lined leather for the best protection. Inner gloves of silk should also be worn in bad weather conditions.

3. The third essential Suzuki motorcycle accessories are boots. Your feet are considered by experts to be the most likely to get cold after your hands. Riding for hours through cold wind, rain, blizzards and snow may be your idea of fun, but only if you have the proper Suzuki motorcycle accessories such as boots and other gear. Feet are also one of the first body parts to hit dirt in an accident. Toes and skin can easily be torn off from sliding along gravel or tar at high speed. But leather boots will protect you from injury and cold.

Once you are well clad in these essential Suzuki motorcycle accessories you will be able to go out and have great fun on your motorcycle.


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