Redmi Note 4 Blast Video 'Fake', Says Xiaomi; Blames Faulty Third-Party Charger for Customer's Woes

Xiaomi has reached into some video asserting that a Redmi Note 4 unit captured fire from Bengaluru, saying the video is bogus rather than a Xiaomi apparatus in any way. While recognising the Redmi Notice 4 unit possessed by one Arjun failed to suffer fire damage from Bengaluru, the company after having a “thorough technical analysis” ascertained that the damage was caused because of faulty third party charger made use of by the purchaser. The business said that it has provided a brand new unit to the customer to change the one. But it added that the video broadcasting claiming to be those said Redmi Notice 4 component included at a burst is “bogus”.

His phone had been damaged after which he chose the device on the moment into the Poorvika store in his home on July 20 17.
The moment we were alarmed for the particular incident we chose back the device”

Xiaomi, in its own announcement, included, “that the damage had been caused because of faulty third party charger used with the customer” and “that there were also signs of bodily harm to the device as well”. Nevertheless, the organisation says it “altered the consumer’s damaged unit using a fresh new Redmi Note 4 Monday, 24th July 20 17.”

Xiaomi also condemned your site that circulated the video from this handset that was bursting, calling its own behaviour “reckless and upsetting.” It included it is “now assessing legal actions against this novel” It claims that the video was achieved by “a haphazard whats app set,” and isn’t associated with Redmi Notice 4 unit purchases out of the Poorvika socket.

The provider’s analysis states that the CCTV video hails out of Anamangad, Kerala, also included that the video isn’t really a Xiaomi handset in any respect, as well as the date at the video doesn’t match the day of order from their apparatus by the customer at Bengaluru, in addition to the date he chosen the device to get fixes. The consumer has confirmed the men and women who live in the video don’t include family relations, his associates, and him.

The anxious book,, still gets got the video onto its site; the video indicates a hand set catch fire while still being managed with no outside strain onto it.

The site, Lavesh Cambodia’s creator, told trademarks 360 that himself was descended Arjun, from the client, by the video. He claims that the customer contacted, that broke the story of this bursting Redmi Notice 4 (however doesn’t need the video its site), also that the consumer provided the video into the book. Mamodia says that the client went to his promise of the being of this Redmi Notice 4, despite the fact that he explained that his unit did catch unstoppable.

On the flip side, TheExplode still gets got the video onto its own page has written, being an upgrade, “up to date: TechCase said that anyone has got the replacement of their telephone, however, the video isn’t associated with him. This means episode holds true however, the video isn’t correct.” Paradoxically, only preceding this upgrade could be that the sentence, “Firms aren’t focusing on the batteries and just desire to grow the battery backup rather than earning it safe”

Being a reminder, Xiaomi’s announcement encourages “everybody else to simply utilise Xiaomi authorised accessories and chargers”


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