Motorcycle riding presents a lot of challenges to a rider during the day. How much more during the night, Riding during the night requires far more special considerations than riding during daylight because you need to be extra careful and alert. Because of this it is very important for a new rider to get some night riding tips.

Some people love to ride during the night but others don’t try it at all unless necessary. If you are young and still have quick reflexes and clear vision, then you can enjoy a ride at night to get unwind. Your vision and reflexes decreases with age and that could be a problem when riding. However, there are night riding tips you can follow.

1. Avoid looking directly on headlights. Bright lights or glare from other cars can cause temporary blindness.

2. Be aware that even the most familiar roads are sometimes looks different during the night. To avoid unexpected obstacles and running over potholes, use your high beam light when there is no other traffic at night.

3. Be visible. You must wear the appropriate riding gear especially during the night. It is ideal to wear bright color gears instead of black to increase your visibility.

4. Do not use a dark or tinted helmet visor during the night. If you are on a long trip and can’t avoid riding till night, bring a different visor with you.

5. Reduce your speed and put enough distance between you and the next vehicle to give you enough space for braking.

6. Take advantage of other vehicles headlights especially the one in front of you. Observe if the lights in front bounces up and down because this is an indication that the road ahead had potholes.

7. When riding at night, it best to practice rear braking and engine breaking because the front brakes may cause your light from the head light to dip towards you.

8. When changing lane, wait a few minutes to adjust your vision especially if you leave a bright area to a darker one before moving again. Changing lanes can give you enough space but you must do it carefully.

9. When passing woodlands, be aware that some animals are active when it’s dark. They might cross the road unexpectedly.

10. As much as possible ride in the middle of the road to increase your visibility.

There are many reasons why you need to be extra careful when riding at night. It is the time when traffic is few and other riders may drive faster than usual. Learning about these night riding tips will give you idea on how to ride safely at dark.


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