That is the question, Metric VS V-Twin,

What do you ride, I currently ride a Yamaha Road Star Silverado. This was my first cruiser style motorcycle after riding a sport bike for a long time. At first I could not picture myself saddled up on anything other than a sport bike. Until that day, that day on that long ride. My hips hurt, my back hurt; the reality set in that I was not a young buck anymore!

I never seriously thought about a Harley Davidson. After working in Daytona for years and not only hearing but seeing the problems Harleys had, I made up my mind early on that I would never go that route. Throw in the cost and my mind was made up.

I have been riding my Road Star for three years and it has been a great ride. I would recommend a Road Star or any of the Yamaha cruisers to anyone. As of late, I have been seemingly bored with my bike. I have always liked the Heritage Softail which is why I bought the Road Star; it is styled similar to the Heritage and it did not cost as much.

I must admit, I was impressed with the ride of my friend’s Heritage Softail. I had no idea it would be so different from my metric cruiser. I mean, it’s a motorcycle isn’t it. Well now I know why HD owners are so loyal. Saying that makes me feel like I am betraying my metric brother & sisters out there but what can I say, I am sold. I am graduating.

I am looking at the Ultra Classic and I like the way it feels when I am saddled up on it. I am sorry to all my Metric Brothers but I think I am graduating to a mack daddy cruiser. No offense to any of you but I have made up my mind. Once I make my millions, I will get a mack daddy chopper to tool around town with in addition to my Ultra.

If anyone has any information to share about the Ultra Classic or you just wish to add a comment please do so. I will be glad to hear either pro or con or any valuable information anyone might have!!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe!



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