Facebook messaging products VP defends Messenger Kids; says it assists parents and children interact more readily
Messenger Kids. Facebook Newsroom.In response to the backlash that Facebook’s Messenger Kids has received, David Marcus, the former president of messaging products has resisted the program intended for kids.
Messenger Children. Facebook Newsroom.

As per a TechCrunch report, ” he said this app would be a blessing for families. Referring to his own experiences, he added that it might allow parents and their kids interact more easily. He refused that Messenger Children is a social media platform like others on the internet. This messaging program takes in kids between 6 to 12 years old.

Recently, Messenger Kids obtained backlash from child development advocates. They said that the social networking giant is using the product for its own good. They also added that introducing youngsters to social websites, at such a young age, can be detrimental to their psychological well being.

Messenger for Kids, reportedly, functions under the supervision of the parents. It assists in circumstances when parents are not present with their children. It does not populate the app with ads. The parents have an choice to select to whom their children can talk to, using the app.

Among the arguments that the child development specialists say is it violates Children Privacy Protection Rule in the US where kids under the age of 13 years should be tracked on the kind of content a child is subjected to. Any online substance for children under 13 years of age requires parental approval.

Social media giants like Facebook, Google allow children past the age of 13 decades of age to be a part.

However, Marcus denied putting Messenger for Kids at precisely the exact same category as social websites.


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