Revealed: How Jio Plans to Offer 'Smart' Apps on Its Feature Phone

Ahead of Reliance’s Annual General Meeting, it’s been heavily rumored that Reliance Jio will establish one or more attribute mobiles beneath Reliance Retail’s Lyf brand.

Ahead of this, more information about the Lyf Jio feature telephone has come to light and while Reliance has declined to comment about these, many programmers talking to Gadgets 360 have affirmed, as rumored, it does really run the KaiOS that is based on a branch of Mozilla’s erstwhile Firefox OS.

What this indicates is, you can see support for apps. Gadgets 360 knows Reliance Jio has approached founders to pitch their apps with the purpose of having.

Sources confirm the telephone is going to get an app shop also, though details about payment methods or the earnings split are not known yet. We know that Jio is looking to the option of allowing the capability to enable services and apps on an individual’s Lyf Jio attribute telephone, which might be convenient if users wish to enable/ disable solutions utilizing IVR, but may also be a nightmare when the services are chargeable.

Even though Intex on Wednesday advised Gadgets 360 it was at final phases of talks with Reliance to fabricate the Jio telephone, among the sources, states Intex-made attribute telephones are already being examined on Jio’s platform GamePeka.

Right now, the only other mainstream phone utilizing KaiOS appears to be the Alcatel GO Flip in the USA. And judging by the 22-step guide about the best way best to conserve battery life on Alcatel’s own website, it is going to be intriguing to understand how Reliance Jio manages expectations on battery life, more so when week long battery life is just one of the significant reasons that feature phones have been able to hold their own.

Nonetheless, this should come as no surprise given that KaiOS is based on Firefox OS, which in our review and according to user comments, had issues with battery management.

If there were any plans to mitigate battery issues gadgets 360 asked Reliance Jio. A spokesperson replied saying that the business might respond after the Reliance AGM of Friday.


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