Indian shoppers are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying things online.
So many e-commerce portals in India regularly offer mind-boggling bargains that some of the discounts that you buy overseas may not even seem particularly appealing. But even today not all items are available in India and this means that you might want to have a look at exciting deals on offer overseas. Black Friday and Cyber Mondayearnings are very popular in the US and you might easily grab some great products at ridiculously low prices.
Before you shop, be aware that these sites could offer free shipping to India sometimes but this means prolonged waiting periods and many probably no shipment tracking. If you go for paid shipping, you will also need to wait unless you are ready to cover a big amount for shipping. Finally, remember Customs duties. Some sites like Amazon may charge you this fee upfront, while others won’t — so you’ll need to pay the commission when the package reaches you. With that in mind, we’ve handpicked a bunch of US-based websites that ship their products to India, so you can make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Not all goods available on ship to India, but there is a great chance that the one you need can be sent to India. Shipping charges apply and you need to pay Customs charges up front, which allows for easy shopping. Alternatively you can check Amazon India’s global store, but you might not find the same discounts as on the US store.

If you find a great deal on something you require, you should head to its India page to see prices in INR and to assess if the item ships to the country. Official support for India brings assistance for returns and refunds on some items as well, which makes ordering less of a risk.

EBay’s Worldwide Easy Purchase storefront lets you order stuff in the US while paying in INR. It’s worth checking out for some sweet deals on electronics, and eBay has a strong returns and refunds policy.

Some producers prevent B&H Photo Video from shipping outside the US, so even though the site sends its goods abroad, it might not be able to ship the item you want. Shipping fees and Customs duties apply.
Most of you will know iFixit since the site which does tear downs of various devices to give them a repairability score. The site also sells repair kits and if you are interested, they ship to India. Black Friday deals are on now, in case you’re interested.

Thinkgeek is a good site if you want to buy collectibles. If you’re looking for trendy and weird gadgets, or unique pop culture memorabilia, Thinkgeek is the place to go to.

Abe Books
The store is known for stocking rare editions, signed copies, along with other publications collectors are after. Now that Book Depository has stopped shipping books to India, Abe Books is perhaps the best store if you’re looking to save on shipping expenses.

Many sellers ship to India too, so it’s a great store if you want to buy gifts. Much of what’s available on Etsy is handmade and unique, which makes the store appealing to shop from.

Looking for deals on clothing? Asos ships worldwide, so maybe that’s the store that you want to test out. The free shipping can take some time, but the variety is very good, and there are frequently some good deals to find if you are a fashion conscious shopper.

Dealextreme has a whole group of electronic goods and accessories often at exceptionally low prices. The China-based site offers free shipping to India on many products too. It’s considered to be a fairly reliable seller for electronics.

Aliexpress is located in China and sells everything from clothing to jewellery. Be careful of what you are buying though. You are able to get legitimately great deals on the site, but if it sounds too good to be true, there is a great possibility that it really isn’t correct.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices as great as deals in India? Which of these sites did you shop from? Let us know via the comments.


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