Months after the official launch of HomePod at $349 (Approximately Rs. 22,800), It’s now rumoured that Apple is set to bring a cheaper Variant.Apple HomePod Rumoured to Get a Cheaper Version by Year-EndThe more economical HomePod is said to be launched at the end of the year. The latest rumour comes only after it has been reported that Apple had recently reduced sales forecasts and reduce orders for its HomePod smart speaker owing to its slow economy performance.
Apple has reduced monthly HomePod production from 500,000 units a month to almost 200,000, as reported from China Times. The company has reportedly intimated its manufacturing partners, such as the Inventec Corp.. Alongside the cut in manufacturing for the initial model, the Chinese news source asserts that the Cupertino giant is creating a cheaper HomePod model which will be launched by the end of the year. Cost and features of the more economical HomePod aren’t revealed yet.

The arrival of this more affordable HomePod is fairly plausible as the $329 price of its current model isn’t competing against the Amazon Echo range and Google Home family that both start at $49 (roughly Rs. 3,190). On the other hand, the superior price tag brings a custom-engineered amplifier, an array of seven tweeters, six microphones, along with the heart – Apple A8 chip that makes it a wise package. The company also has offered Siri integration to make HomePod a different model against Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers.

A Bloomberg story on Thursday reported that Apple had cut some requests with Inventec Corp, one of the most significant producers behind HomePod. With powerful pre-order results, data supplied by Bloomberg by Slice Intelligence highlighted that in the past week of January the HomePod captured about a third of the US smart speaker market in unit sales. The Apple model during its first 10 weeks of sales were able to grab 10% of the wise speaker market, while Amazon Echo dominated the market with 73 percent shares and Google Home took another place with 14% share.


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